Love does not make
the world go 'round.
Love is what makes a
ride worthwhile.

So, let's enjoy the ride to the fullest with the most succulent romance and
turn your unrealistic fantasy into a picture-perfect reality.
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About The Author

True life story about Annie Eyerman..Escape in the stormy ocean..and landed in the small island and  after 6 years in the refugee camp, I truly got faith in God and  trust in God’s hand, during uncertain times and challenges in my life, God has plans for me, they are better and higher than I can comprehend. I finally realized through the difficult times without God’s loving, I will not survive, and when I needed Him the most, he was always there with me to comfort and encourage me through it all! I am grateful and thank God for everyday!

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About Book

The novel “Across the Ocean” is an autobiography based on the author’s real-life love story. It inculcates the idea that how one should not hunt for love; instead, let it chase you, and you will eventually discover your love in the most unexpected way, at unexpected times and in unexpected places.

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